Rosetta Stone software now available at NLC


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Student Fernanda Jasso accessing Rosetta Stone. The language software is available to students in the Academic Skills Center, A-332. The software helps students learn languages.

By James Svoboda
Staff Writer

The real Rosetta Stone was discovered in Egypt in 1799, but students can still chip away at language difficulties with North Lake’s newest language lab software.

“Currently, NLC is the only college in the DCCCD using Rosetta Stone for language learning and is reaching out to the demands of the community with their desire to expand their business in new markets,” said Jennifer Duffy, an instructional specialist in the Academic Skills Center.

North Lake College has purchased the license to teach the software for a limited time.  This software will be offered as a one-credit hour language lab, as an alternative for language learning. Rosetta Stone software typically costs an average of $300, a one credit course averages around $50, that’s an almost $250 savings for access to the same lessons and materials.

State standards will no longer require a lab component for language courses beginning in fall 2014. Students and community members will now have the opportunity to study one of 25 languages offered by Rosetta Stone software, named for the  company that developed a software program with the function of learning languages using modern day devices.

Student Bryan Leyster likes the new software, “The combination of Rosetta Stone and this lab makes it easier to learn.”

While enrolled in this one- credit hour language lab, students will also have access to several other labs on campus.

The lab is a component of 1411 and 1412 Spanish courses.  It is also open to individuals in the community who have a need to learn additional languages.

Kristen Leupen, who also uses the software, said, “I left the country for 12 days and was able to keep up my studies through the use of my smartphone.”

Rosetta Stone will work on most current smart devices, which is a benefit for students who are more mobile and need access on the go. Elena Gonzalez said, “The program also provides interaction of a native speaker, which enables me to know just how to pronounce words.”

Students can repeat any session until they receive a passing grade. Students can schedule free tutoring for the Spanish class being offered at this time.

Duffy can be reached at 972-273-3326 or in the Academic Skills Center, A-332.

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