Chancellor visits NLC

New DCCCD chancellor Dr. Joe May speaks to students at NLC. Photo by Joanna Mikolajczak

New DCCCD chancellor Dr. Joe May speaks to students at NLC. Photo by Joanna Mikolajczak

By Grant V. Ziegler

Dr. Joe May became the seventh chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District in late February and he visited North Lake College March  26 as a part of NLC’s Government Leadership Seminars.

May introduced himself to  the packed room full  of students and talked about the state of the DCCCD.

May was the former president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College system so he is no stranger to community colleges, but he admits that every “situation is different” and he is still learning the ins and outs of the DCCCD.

May said he is dedicated to growing the Dallas economy and creating more middle class jobs, which he says can be done by helping people get their education.

The new chancellor was provided a podium to speak from, but opted to stand in front of it so there were no barriers between him and his audience.

 May didn’t divulge any specific plans regarding what’s next for the DCCCD, but went into detail about how and why community college, specifically the DCCCD, will bring about positive change in the world. According to May, diplomas create more jobs and more leaders.

“The roles of today’s leaders are to change people’s minds for the greater good,” said May. “Leaders have to care and we have people who care passionately about education and the community.”

Also heavily discussed were topics such as how the times are changing with technology. He believes that having a degree is the way to succeed nowadays and keeping up with technological advances will be key to doing that.

This means the DCCCD will focus on staying current so that the methods and tools being taught in classes will not be outdated when students eventually enter the workforce.

“In order to be successful, community colleges must be resilient and able to adapt to change,” said May. “Through education we can overcome poverty and war.”

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