Five minutes with a baseball bat

Courtesy of Shawn Taylor - Grant gets hands-on in this wild interview.

The Anger Room can cure a bad day

By Grant V. Ziegler

Have you ever had one of those days where all you want to do is break everything you possibly can? Well, you’re not alone, and now your destructive urges can be sated with the help of The Anger Room.

In December 2011, The Anger Room opened for official business in Dallas, Texas. Owner Donna Alexander came up with the idea when she was 16 back in Chicago, Ill. She came to Dallas in 2002 and started some test trials out of her garage. She invited friends and co-workers over to obliterate what they could, and she would record their efforts and results via video camera. Nine years later, that garage idea has become a dream come true for Alexander.

“I felt there needed to be a place for people to put holes in walls and release pent-up aggression safely without public humiliation or repercussions,” said Alexander.

For $25, you get five minutes alone in a room full of breakable objects. There are a variety of baseball bats to choose from and they even let you bring your own music so you can “lash out” comfortably. Five minutes may not seem like a long time, but I was so exhausted from smashing everything after four minutes, I couldn’t even finish my full session. They film your attacks so they can put it up on YouTube. You can request a private session, but I don’t recommend that. Watching yourself exact some rage is a pretty awesome experience.

The objects I was given to destroy included a TV with a VCR deck, a couple of glass mugs and beer steins, a TV stand and a mannequin. I picked up an aluminum Easton baseball bat and went to town in The Anger Room. Apart from the seemingly indestructible mannequins, I was able to destroy everything in my path. I had so much bottled-up rage and anger that I actually broke the aluminum bat. Alexander and her crew were kind enough to let me keep the broken bat as a souvenir.

The experience was exhilarating. My arms, shoulders, hands and back ached for a week, but the hurt felt good. It was good exercise and unexpectedly relaxing. I do recommend wearing clothing you don’t care too much about because debris flies everywhere and on to everything.

The employees of The Anger Room are very professional. They do require that you sign a waiver in the event of injury, but they take full precautions to ensure your safety. Goggles and a helmet are mandatory, and I recommend bringing a pair of gloves, because those bats start to hurt after a while, and wear a mask to prevent wayward debris from flying into your mouth. They take proper care of you there and make you feel very welcome.

Aside from The Anger Room being therapeutic, it’s also good for the environment. The objects that are destroyed are given to them by public donations, curbside pickup and an electronic waste company that provides non-working or unwanted items for customers to bash. After the objects are annihilated, they are recycled. If you have objects lying around your house you don’t want anymore, you’re welcome to bring them so you can have a hand in destroying them.

I expect The Anger Room to become more than just a small business. It relieves stress; it’s good for the environment and it encourages responsible expression of human emotion. I can’t wait to return to lash out again.

To schedule an appointment at The Anger Room call 214-431-5587 or visit The physical address of the location is disclosed once an appointment has been arranged.